Introducing the compact folding M1 PRO electric trolley


Following extensive product development, we are proud to announce the launch of a brand new flagship model designed to fit into the smallest car boot and transform your journey to and from the golf course.

The compact folding M1 PRO electric trolley features a new style frame and three-point folding system that have been developed to make the folded M1 PRO trolley over 40% smaller than its S-Series counterparts.

Boasting a sporty look and eye-catching colour, the twin-tube frame not only allows an 18 hole Lead-acid or 18 hole Lithium battery to remain in its tray when folded, but also features an integrated Accessory Station, an easy-to-use handle height adjuster, plus an inbuilt device cradle, accommodating a wide range of GPS devices which can also be powered from the patented USB charging port.

The M1 PRO offers nine different speed settings and is powered by a whisper-quiet 230w motor, along with either an 18 hole Lead-acid battery or a powerful, super-lightweight Lithium version available in both 18 and 36 hole options.