NUEVO Carro Eléctrico S5 CONNECT

El producto más avanzado tecnológicamente de la gama Motocaddy. El nuevo S5 CONNECT puede conectarse a la aplicación GPS de Motocaddy a través de una conexión Bluetooth™ en cualquier teléfono inteligente compatible; permitiendo que la pantalla digital del carro sea usada en lugar de un GPS convencional, ofreciendo distancias al inicio, centro y fondo de green junto con el par del hoyo, más un reloj y un contador de tiempo de ronda.

Ofreciendo lo último en conectividad actual, el S5 CONNECT también puede recibir notificaciones alertando al golfista de una llamada entrante, texto, correo electrónico o una gama de alertas de aplicaciones, incluyendo WhatsApp y Facebook. El teléfono móvil puede permanecer conectado incluso cuando esté colocado en el bolsillo de una bolsa de golf o cargado por el puerto de carga USB del carro.

Además de la innovadora tecnología "inteligente", el S5 CONNECT incluye el aspecto moderno y las características de los últimos modelos de la serie S, incluyendo un manillar ergonómico suave al tacto; Bandeja de batería aerodinámica; Control de distancia ajustable (hasta 45m) y el rápido y exclusivo mecanismo QUIKFOLD.

El carro estará disponible desde el verano de 2017 con la aplicación gratuita para descargar desde la Apple App Store y en Google Play.



  • GPS y notificaciones de Smartphone
  • Distancia inicio, centro y fondo en la pantalla *
  • Utiliza la base de datos de mapas #1 del mundo
  • 36.000 campos - sin cuota de suscripción *
  • Información del campo, incluyendo hoyo & par *
  • Compatibilidad de notificación con Smartphone*
  • Notificaciones de llamadas, textos, correos electrónicos y aplicaciones *
  • Reloj y temporizador de ritmo de juego *
  • Puerto de carga USB patentado
  • Nueve ajustes de velocidad
  • Bandeja de batería aerodinámica
  • Mecanismo QUIKFOLD
  • Manillar ergonómico suave al tacto
  • Compatible con EASILOCK ™

* Smartphone compatible con la aplicación gratuita Motocaddy


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DIMENSIONS*:850mm(L) x 595mm(W) x 355mm(H)
COLOURS:Black & Alpine

*folded dimensions

The Motocaddy app is compatible with iPhone 4s or newer (running iOS 9.0 or later) and Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer (running Android 4.3 or later). Please note, not all Bluetooth enabled mobile phone handsets are compatible with the Motocaddy S5 CONNECT and pairing for other devices cannot be guaranteed.


Medios Testimonios

Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly (Technical Editor):

“As an electric trolley user myself, I was really thoroughly impressed with what it offers. Its genuinely got the potential to transform the user experience for the better."

“When you think about everything that comes with it, it really does deliver a staggering amount of value."

“If you're considering an upgrade this season then the S5 CONNECT really should be top of your list."

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Today's Golfer:

“We love how Motocaddy has invested in designing a fully bespoke (and free) GPS app."

“Motocaddy has taken a really clever approach to integrating GPS into the world's first "Smart Cart' - and we love it."

“Thanks to the price not being exorbitant it means a trolley and GPS purchase can be combined for far less than buying both independently."

“It's a real pleasure to play with."

Golf Magic

"Accurate, simple to use, and at a great price - we think the Motocaddy S5 CONNECT is going to be a monumental hit in 2017, and has earned the nickname the 'smart cart.'"

“Tested against a range finder, the yardages provided on the handle and on the phone app were incredibly accurate, and provide most golfers with all the information they require. Golfers are not overawed or bombarded by too much tech, meaning even the biggest technophobes will be able to navigate their way around.”

“Motocaddy have dovetailed trolley and GPS with apparent ease, and golfers are the biggest beneficiaries.”

5 Star Review

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David Cunninghame, Bunkered

"The S5 CONNECT is a truly revolutionary piece of golf equipment that has been designed to meet the needs of the modern golfer. Plus at only £50 more than the standard S3 PRO model, and with continuing updates to the app being carried out, it is certainly a product everyone should seriously consider when looking for a new electric trolley.'"

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Alison Root, Women & Golf (Editor)

"It was all very straightforward and nice to just glance at the handle for a distance, before grabbing a club out of the bag. Plus it means, one less piece of equipment to charge up!'"

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Martin Hopley, Golfalot

"Motocaddy has put a lot of thought into this set up and it is reasonably future proof too, as any course updates are handled through the app and you can make update requests through it too."

"It probably depends on whether you are a potential trolley buyer and front/middle/back yardage player as if that is all you need, then for ease of use the S5 CONNECT carries and shows these distances quickly and easily. And if you want more then the Motocaddy App gives you it all for free."

5 Star Review

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Owen Davies, Golfshake

"I found it super-easy to pair up the device in the first place."

"You can update the trolley handle via the phone, so no having to plug it in like you do with a lot of GPS devices."

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Nike Bayly, Golf News

"All in all, the S5 Connect is ideal for golfers looking for the level of data offered by a mid-range handheld GPS device wrapped up in one of the best designed power trolleys on the market. It’s neat, folds down easily, and does what it says on the tin."

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Joel Tadman, Golf Monthly (Technical Editor):

“Motocaddy is always coming up with new ideas to improve the trolley-user experience, but the S5 CONNECT tops the lot.”

“It keeps you connected without being intrusive, and potentially eliminates the need to shell out for a separate GPS device.”

“We can’t wait to give it a go ... the S5 CONNECT looks set to deliver staggering value for your investment.”